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How Giving Back to Her Community Inspires Commissioner Dr. Gina Fromer

How Giving Back to Her Community Inspires Commissioner Dr. Gina Fromer
  • Donovan Gomez

Dr. Gina Fromer, CEO of Children’s Council of SF, currently sits as the Vice Chair of the Southeast Community Facility Commission. As Commissioner, she participates in community conversations to ensure that the promises made to the Southeast community are kept and that progress is made toward greater enhancements, such as the new Southeast Community Facility at 1550 Evans Avenue. “I am truly honored to serve my community and the people of the southeast section of San Francisco as a Commissioner. I continue to learn, grow, and be the change I hope to see,” said Fromer.

How Giving Back to Her Community Inspires Commissioner Dr. Gina Fromer

Commissioner Fromer explains how she works towards bringing the community together to honor those who laid the foundation for where they stand today. “We honor them every time we assume our commission seats, and we renew our commitment to fight for what is right,” Fromer said.

As she reflects on the importance of Black History Month, she understands that it should not just be celebrated just one month out of the year. “Black History Month is a constant reminder that a single month is in fact too short to honor the historical contributions of our ancestors, our heroes. It’s a reminder of historical struggles to create a better future for the generations to come, and of the hundreds of thousands who have lost their lives in helping to get us to this point.”

Commissioner Fromer is an advocate of the younger generation and the impact they will have on the future one day. She offers advice to young students to get out there and find a mentor through internship opportunities so that they can gain experience in the work environment. “Be assertive in your outreach. We need our future leaders to rise up and learn how to navigate city systems. The only way to change a system is to infiltrate it,” Fromer said.

When asked what she is most proud of about her culture, one word came to mind: resiliency. “The resilience that is exemplified daily by Black people, to be the change they want to see for their people and their communities,” she explains. “Historically, we have seen how much more we accomplish when we work collaboratively to better our race and community. We must continue to come together to raise our voice. We are stronger together!”

Donovan Gomez