Active Alerts

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Artist Sirron Norris Poses with his temporary mural


Connecting Public Art to People and Place

Innovation at the SFPUC includes our approach to supporting public art. Each new aboveground capital improvement project launches a new public art project, and each new public art project begins with an intentional effort to align our investment in public art with local communities and the environmental mission of the SFPUC. Through this innovative approach we strive to commission public art connected to people and place.

Public Art

Art brings people together, creates shared experiences, stimulates conversations and adds joy to daily life. Recognizing the important role of art, the City and County of San Francisco passed an ordinance in 1969 requiring all City Agencies—including the SFPUC— to set aside 2% of all above ground construction project costs to support public art. We’re proud to partner with artists, residents and the San Francisco Arts Commission to create public art that enriches life in our city.

For more information of public art, or to submit your portfolio, please contact the San Francisco Arts Commission.